Running with the Big Dog

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our first trip to Champagne in Ft. Wayne was eye opening in so many regards, and we had an awesome time.  While we were there Mrs. P took interest in another club-goer and ended up dancing/making out with him for a while.  For the sake of his anonymity, and ours, he will be referred to as Big Dog–a pet name my wife developed for him–from here on out.

After we returned home from the club we realized that we had no way of finding her new friend.  All we had was a first name, and his physical description.  Not much to go on.  We didn’t even know where he lived.  So, like all any other red-blooded American who has reached a dead end, I took to the internet.  I literally just sifted through single male profiles on SLS in the Ft. Wayne area.  My attempt at finding him was futile.

It was then that I spoke with our local friend, the one who introduced us to Champagne in the first place, since she was a regular there and seemed to know a LOT of people.  After a brief description she was able to give me a first and last name, so I moved my search to Facebook.  Still, no dice.

When I told her about my fruitless search she remembered that she knew his name on SLS, and so I turned my attention that way.  Immediately I was looking at his profile and was able to contact him.

Now, before you start thinking I’m some sort of stalker, understand that this was at a time when our experience in the LS was limited to our original disaster, which I’m sure I’ll go into at some later time.  That couple was local and familiar to us. We had no idea how to navigate this experience.  So, I sent him a message with the expectation that he would either A) not remember Mrs. P (everyone was quite drunk and the club was packed) or B) would remember, but would think our search for him would seem weird.  Either way, we were poised for rejection.

It turns out the opposite was true.  He asked me if we had seen his post in the SLS forum.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  In the forum section, which is like any other chat room, there are different topics that are started and discussed.  In the topic about the Halloween party at Champagne he had put out a message to Mrs. P.  He remembered her first name, which is all he had to go on, and had told her he wanted to see her and that we had left before he could get her number.  Sure enough, when I looked at the forum there was his message.  To say Mrs. P was relieved, and flattered, is an understatement.

A dialogue began between them for a few weeks, over text and through some phone calls.  The interest between them was mutual.  It was exciting to see her excited.  Add to that the fact that Big Dog was more than willing to chat with me as well, which to me shows a level of respect some men don’t seem to understand, and it was an ideal situation.  So, we decided we would meet Big Dog back at Champagne for an upcoming event.  We made it clear that there should be no real expectations, because we didn’t know how the night would go, or if the two of them would still feel that same spark in person.  All parties agreed.

About a week before the event I was working on reserving a hotel room for the occasion when I received a text from Big Dog asking if we wanted to stay at his house.  He said we could all sleep in his bed if we wanted to.  I literally started laughing at work.  I was a little taken aback, but not in a bad way.  We had talked with him about being a third for our first ever threesome, and he had shown interest, but this made it all seem so…real.  I realized, that this was something that would actually happen.

It also should be mentioned that I had fantasized about sharing Mrs. P with another man for a couple of years.  In fact, it was my main fantasy before I ever brought up the swinging lifestyle to her.  I have no way of knowing if this is “normal” or not.  I think the perception of most people is that men want to get into swinging so that they can fuck other women.  While I enjoy that part too, my main fantasy initially involved the thought of my wife with another man.  Add to that the possibility of actually getting to be there and witness it, and my heart would race just thinking about it.  So this trip to Big Dog’s house was literally the culmination of a huge fantasy of mine.  The same cannot be said of Mrs. P.  She wasn’t sure if she was going to be comfortable being with two men at once, especially if one was me.  She worried that she would be distracted by me, wondering if I was handling it all OK.  She truly wasn’t sure if she would like it.

We decided to agree to stay at Big Dog’s house.  We were taking a leap of faith, and worse case scenario, we would just turn around and go home.  No harm, no foul.  The day of the threesome was surreal.  Here we were acting like things were normal, making lunch for the kids and doing laundry and such, while in the back of our heads this moment was looming.  I was profoundly distracted.  Excited.  A little afraid.  Apprehensive.  I just didn’t know how it would go.  Would this be a huge disappointment?  Would I freak out?  Would I get overexcited and not be able to perform?  For Mrs. P’s part, she was worried about a very practical, but equally important, thing.  Would she get there and not like him?  She was very drunk at the club, so it’s not inconceivable that she would see him and think, “Wait, who is this?”  We just didn’t know.

The plan was simple.  We would arrive at Big Dog’s house, go out to get something to eat, probably have a few drinks, and then go to the club to relax before anything physical happened.  Let everyone get comfortable.  Not rush things.

Well, that’s not exactly how it went down.

We arrived at his house and he answered the door.  He had just showered because he had been working out.  I could literally feel the attraction between them.  It was instant.  I knew this was going to be good.

We went to his kitchen to have a few drinks, just to unwind.  I left the room to use the restroom (I pee too much when drinking, a horrible flaw of mine) and when I walked back into the kitchen, he quickly stepped away from him.  It was obvious they had been kissing.  I acted like I didn’t see it and we continued to talk.  A bit later (but not that much, stupid bladder) I left to pee again.  Once again when I came back into the kitchen he quickly stepped away.  He said, “Sorry man.  She’s just really hot.”

I replied, “If you want to kiss her, go ahead.  I don’t mind.”  He wasted no time at all.  Immediately they were kissing with quite a bit of passion.  I watched with a feeling that was described perfectly in another blog I recently read.  It was with a feeling of near emotional detachment.  Like I wasn’t really in the room. I didn’t feel jealous, or upset.  But it was like watching it on TV…only better.  I was right there in the room watching this man with his mouth and hands on my wife.  I had never seen anything like it.  And honestly…it was fucking awesome.  I was rock hard instantly.

And then I thought, “What in the hell am I doing?!?!  Why am I just sitting here?  This is happening and I’m missing it!”  So, I stood up and walked around the bar and stood behind my wife…touching her.  She leaned into me, obviously enjoying having someone on either side of her.  She moved her mouth from his to mine and back again.

I started undressing her from behind while he continued kissing her.  In short order I had her down to her bra, a pair of panties, some knee-high stockings, and her shoes.  Big Dog stepped back with a big smile and took it all in.  He was obviously liking what he saw, which only intensified the mood.  It made her feel so confident and appreciated.  It made me almost crazy.  I wanted her right then and there.

I wasted no time getting her bra, panties, and shoes off.  I had only every seen my wife partially nude in front of another man one time, during our disaster.  We were all drunk one night and the other man made a comment about how there were too many shirts and bras in the room.  She instantly peeled hers off and in a short amount of time was walking around our house in only a pair of panties.  I remember at that time that I had nearly lost my mind.  It was so hot to see her so confident with her body.  And to see another man appreciating that only intensified that excitement.  This was the same thing, dialed all the way up to 10.

He and I instantly had our mouths and hands all over her.  It was the strangest thing, because even though my heart was pounding and I was feeling the obvious effects of an adrenaline rush, I had complete clarity of mind.  My mind was so calm and focused.  I did not expect that.

I asked her if she wanted to head to the bedroom and she said yes.  So I took her hand and led her there.  He said to go ahead and he would catch up.  On our way to the bedroom she asked me if I was OK with all of this.  I was.  I realized that this was my last chance to back out, and I had no intention of doing that.  I asked her if she wanted this to happen and she said yes with a look on her face that made my heart race even more.  She undressed me very quickly in the bedroom and immediately went down on me when Big Dog walked through.  He smiled a huge smile and said, “Badass!  I’m next!”  I put her on the edge of the bed and began fucking her.  The extent to which she was wet made me even crazier, because it told me all I needed to know of her feelings about what was happening.  She was beyond excited.  I finished after a few minutes, feeling relieved but ready for more.

Big Dog was so respectful.  He waited until he had the green light from me.  He was just standing there.  I told him she was all his.  It was intense watching him go down on her, but I wanted to watch him fuck her. After a few minutes he did.

Now, if you’re a man and you’ve never watched someone fuck your wife, there is nothing like that first time he slides into her.  The smile on both of their faces.  I’ll never forget it.

I won’t go into a ton of detail about the rest, but I can summarize it like this.  Over the next 11 hours, Mrs. P fucked for 7 of them.  Either me, Big Dog, or usually both, were fucking her.  She was insatiable.  It was incredible.  We did make it to the club (it was dead that night) but only stayed for a couple of hours before returning to his house.  By the time we finally went to bed we were all exhausted.  Mrs. P usually gets cold easily and likes to be warm when she sleeps.  There she was, smack dab between me and Big Dog, all of us naked and exhausted.  She slept like a baby.  Well, until he woke her up a couple of hours later by going down on her and then fucking her again.  I considered giving her another go as well, but honestly, my dick hurt.  It was sore from so much fucking.

We woke Big Dog early and told him we were leaving and thanked him for his hospitality.  We stopped at Bob Evans on the way home and literally sat there an laughed.  We couldn’t believe what we had just done.  It was a complete head trip knowing that the other patrons around us likely saw a typical 40 year old couple, and had no idea that Mrs. P had just spent 7 hours getting fucked by two men.

We decided that we definitely needed to take at least a day off from fucking because we were both so sore.  We work out regularly, but some of those muscles just don’t get used that much.  I mean, your hip flexors only get so much attention in everyday life.

Of course that night, as we were lying in bed recounting our recollections of the previous night we found ourselves so turned on that we threw that plan out the window.  The energy of that night alone carried us through the next several weeks.  Anytime we talked about it, we had to have each other.  Needless to say, we enjoy a MFM threesome.

This year, near the one year anniversary of our first threesome, we had another threesome with Big Dog.  One year later it was just as fun.  In fact, there was a familiarity that made it even more comfortable.  We have also had two threesomes with another male friend of ours.  The first one was really good, but the second one was awful.  Different story for a different time.

Between our two stints with Big Dog I also had the opportunity to be the third in a MFM threesome with a local couple.  It was a slightly different experience, but a lot of fun.  I took what I had learned from Big Dog to heart.  It was their first threesome experience and I knew they were nervous so I focused on their comfort and moving at their pace.  I also made sure to be completely respectful of the other man, because that was a courtesy extended to me by Big Dog that I really appreciated.  Ultimately it is only fun if everyone is comfortable, so communication and setting a reasonable pace is imperative.

If you have your own threesome experience or are planning one in the near future, or have additional questions about it, comment here!


3 thoughts on “Running with the Big Dog

  1. Very hot retelling of your MFM/cuckold experience. I add “cuckold” not in a humiliating way. Cuckolds are often portrayed as weak, submissive, and eroticizing humiliation. It may even be “role-played” as part of the sexual experience. However, the baseline core for a cuckold experience is only that you find it a turn on to see your lover with a another man. The unspoken truth is that it is truly the cuckold that holds the power. I found your description of what you were feeling to be refreshing and a realistic portrayal of how these moments really go down…especially the first encounters when everyone is getting comfortable. As I have experienced, men that enjoy be cuckolded often make the best “Alphas” as you did when you were the other man in another couples experience. You knew what the other guy needed to make his experience hot along with the wife. You viewed it as the “couples” experience…perfect!


    • Thanks for your perspective. I agree that the word cuckold does carry a connotation of weakness or humiliation, but I feel that’s predicated on the way it is commonly portrayed in pornography. I’m glad that my feelings about the whole experience came through in my writing.

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