Nothing like the first time

First day of school.  First friend.  First girlfriend or boyfriend.  First kiss.  First time having sex.  Everyone remembers their first time.  Our first experiences are memorable simply because they are our first.  Momentous.  Unique.  Special.

It stands to reason that our first time at the club should be no exception.  And it didn’t disappoint.

We decided on Halloween a few years ago.  We like to dress up, so finding costumes was fun.  That day we were busy wrapping up the kids’ sports seasons, so we really didn’t have time to think about it.  Then, we started driving.  About 30 minutes into our trek we looked at each other and said, “What in the hell are we doing?!?!”

It was surreal.  We had never done anything like this before.  We were nervous and yet excited.  We had no idea what to expect.

We stopped in Ft. Wayne, near our hotel, and bought some booze.  Some liquid courage was going to be necessary on this night.  We didn’t have time to hit the pool and relax, so Mrs. P started getting ready.  Hair.  Makeup.  Naughty underwear.  Revealing outfit.  My heart was racing by the time she finished.  Like every man, I showered, put on some boxer briefs, made sure I didn’t look too terrible and put on my costume.  We made our way to the lobby to wait on the shuttle that would take us to the club, trying to calm our nerves.

We immediately realized we weren’t alone.  Several other couples in various costumes were standing outside waiting as well.  We walked out and stood there in the line, trying to look calm and cool.

During our wait we met some of the other couples, who obviously already knew one another.  They were friendly, especially when they learned we were club virgins.  When the shuttle arrived we sat in the back looking like deer caught in headlights, I’m sure.  A comment of the sort may have even been uttered by a fellow passenger.

We arrived quite early and stood in line outside of the club.  One thing that really stood out was how many people already knew each other.  It became evident this was their usual haunt on the weekends, so it was merely friends getting together on a Saturday night.

I won’t go into too much detail about the club and the customs here in this blog.  I’ll save that for my review of Champagne.  But I will say that the decorating was amazing.  I can’t imagine the hours that went into decorating the club for that night.  We had been invited to sit with some of the regulars we were in line with, and we took them up on the offer.  They were friendly and introduced us to so many people.  Of course we immediately forgot names.  The experience was a bit overwhelming.

The club on that particular night was packed!  You could hardly walk for all the people in there.  Once the dance music started at 9pm, the dance floor quickly filled up and the action started.

Understand that I’m no dancer.  In fact, I had never grown out of my adolescent boy mindset of “I only slow dance”.  So we sat and watched quite a bit.  We mingled,  drank, mingled, visited the private rooms in the back, mingled, drank…you get the picture.  Mrs. P was approached by several men who wanted to talk to her.  All were very respectful.  In fact, one asked before putting his hand on her ass.  She consented, and he indulged.

At one point later in the evening she saw someone she was very interested in.  He stood out quite a bit, and she was too shy to approach him.  Finally I approached him and struck up a conversation.  I informed him of Mrs. P’s interest, and he immediately walked up to her and whisked her away.  I kept my distance so as not to cramp her style.  I did chat with a few women, but my club game was weak and I gained no traction. Within minutes Mrs. P and her new friend were making out on the dance floor.  It was the first time I had seen her kiss anyone else as our first foray into swinging had been strictly separate room.  The feeling it gave me was one of excitement mixed with a little bit of fear.  Excitement out of a feeling of compersion as I knew she had her eye on him the entire night, and fear because I wasn’t sure what I would do if she wanted to go into a back room with him.  I mean, this is what you’re supposed to do at the club, right?  But how would I handle it?

Ultimately I didn’t get to find out that night as she indicated after a while that she was ready to leave.  Her friend was chatting with some other revelers and she was feeling the copious amounts of alcohol we had consumed that evening.  We caught the first shuttle back to the hotel, and then worked out the sexual tension we had been building all night.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, hit the pool, and reflected on the previous evening on our drive home.  Our overall impression was that we had found our place, and our people.  It was liberating, exciting, taboo and mostly just fun!  We had seen so many interesting things.  Talked to so many interesting people.  And it was so validating to be able to be ourselves in public.  No judgment.  No shame.  No worrying about what other might think.  We decided that club life was definitely for us.  We couldn’t wait to go back.

Now it bears mentioning that our second visit to the club was a very different experience.  The crowd was very small.  The atmosphere was much more subdued.  And we had a friend along.  But that is another story for another time.  If you are looking to meet people and find websites tedious and unrewarding, then we highly suggest finding a club and checking it out.


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