In the Club

So you’ve exhausted the swinger sites, maybe cast your line on OK Cupid, Craigslist, Meet Mindful, Adult Friend Finder, or any of the myriad online resources available, and yet you still feel like there is more.  That there is some untapped resource out there just waiting for you to explore.  Well, you’re right.

Welcome to Adult Lifestyle Clubs, or swinger clubs if you prefer that title.  Call them whatever , but they are more common than you think.  If you live within an hour of a city, you are within an hour of a lifestyle club.  And when you are in the Midwest, a city is usually within an hour drive.

After we had experienced our epic failure during our first attempt at swinging, and tried in vain to find something on SLS, we started talking about the possibility of going to a club.  I only knew about them because of the banner ads that appeared on SLS.  We agreed it sounded interesting, but what an intimidating prospect.  We had never experienced anything like it.  What should we expect?

We let that rest for over a year.  Life got busy, we stumbled through a second round with the couple featured in our first failed endeavor (round 2 was an even bigger failure) and found ourselves still standing in the same place.  So, either out of frustration or desperation, I’m not sure which, we started really looking hard at the club scene.  We had read quite a bit about Club Princeton in Columbus, Ohio.  We did a little research and it seemed nice enough, but how could we really know?  It was then that we met a woman in a nearby town on SLS.  While chatting she told us about a club she liked to frequent in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  She also told us about an upcoming party called the All White Affair.  We decided that it would be perfect for our first time at a club.  However, Mrs. P suffered an injury in a fall while hiking literally a week before the party, and we were benched.  The club would have to wait.

We do a fair amount of travelling in the summer, so summer was out.  With kids in sports falls are equally as bad.  Next thing we knew, it was late October and we still had no plans, and no prospects.  At that point our friend mentioned the Halloween party at The Champagne Club in Ft. Wayne, IN.  This was it!  We decided that this would be the perfect time to go.  We were excited, nervous for sure, and a little apprehensive.  Would people be friendly?  Aggressive?  Would we feel out of place?  Would I stand back, completely ignored, while men threw themselves at Mrs. P?  Were we making a terrible mistake?  Would there be someone there we knew from our vanilla life, essentially outing us?  We had no idea.

I won’t go into details in this particular post, because I intend to do a review of The Champagne Club, now simply called Champagne, in the near future.  But I can tell you that we had a blast our first night.  It was incredibly crowded.  The costumes people wore were insane.  And we met a man who ultimately ended up playing a part in our first, and most recent, threesomes.  All in all, we liked the atmosphere and the people.  But it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.  As with all things, there is a learning curve to going to the club.  A topic that I’ll discuss separately from the review as well.

If you have a curiosity about the club scene you should definitely check it out.  Our experiences have been limited to one club, but by doing this blog we realize that we need to expand our horizons so we have something to blog about.  Perfect motivation to branch out!  And we intend to do that soon.


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